Community Manager - Tier 1


We are looking for a candidate with the ability to listen, monitor, and analyze audience behavior, gain consumer feedback, and improve existing relationships across our internal community and social media channels.

Requirements for this Position

This position requires certain skills and know-how.

These are:

1. Excellent writing skills and verbal communication skills

2. Very strong if not perfect command of the English language

3. Experience in customer service, community management or a similar role

4. Strong ability to think on feet

5. Attention to detail, ability to multitask and critical-thinker 

6. Excellent teamwork and cooperation

7. Understanding of community etiquette and social language

8. Fair to deep knowledge of the eToro platform, features and processes.


1. Respond to comments and customer queries on social media channels in a timely manner

2. Monitor, track and alert on feedback from clients on social channels for customer service, and product teams among others

3. Build relationship with customers and identify users who can be groomed as ambassadors of the brand

Israel office