Help Center eToro Money (currently available in the UK only)
What is the eToro Money card and how can I use it? What is eToro Money? How do I update my postal address on eToro Money? Can I still withdraw funds to a different payment method if I have an eToro Money account? What are the limits of the eToro Money account? What currency does the eToro Money account use? How long does it take for bank transfers into and out of my eToro Money account to be processed? How are the funds in my eToro Money account protected? How do I check my eToro Money account balance? How do I view my eToro Money transactions? How do I report my eToro Money card stolen? How do I add a recipient on eToro Money? How can I manage my money (send / receive) with an eToro Money account? What will happen to my eToro Money account if my eToro Club tier changes (upgrades / downgrades)? What are the eToro Money-approved currencies? How long does the withdrawal process from the eToro investment platform to eToro Money take? Why has my eToro Money account been suspended? How can I check whether an eToro Money transaction has been made successfully? What does 'instant withdrawal' to eToro Money mean? I don't recognise a transaction on my eToro Money account. How do I report it? Why was my withdrawal from the eToro investment platform to eToro Money declined? Can I receive bank transfers and salary payments into my eToro Money account? When will I receive my eToro Money card? What are the advantages of eToro Money? Am I eligible for an eToro Money Account? My card didn't work when I tried to make a payment via eToro Money. What happened? How do I update my phone number on eToro Money? Why hasn't my withdrawal from the eToro investment platform arrived in my eToro Money account? I have forgotten my login details for the eToro Money app. How do I gain access? Why haven't I received my eToro Money card? How much does holding an eToro Money account cost? How do I freeze / unfreeze my eToro Money card? Can I use an eToro Money account to deposit and withdraw from the eToro investment platform? Can I use my eToro Money card abroad? What do I do if I lose my eToro Money card? What versions of iOS support the eToro Money app? How do I view the recent transactions made using my eToro Money account and card? How do I cancel a payment via eToro Money? Can I order additional cards for my eToro Money account? A payment via eToro Money hasn't worked. What happened? How will eToro Money keep my data protected? Can I hold cryptoassets in the eToro Money app? I have forgotten the PIN code for my eToro Money card What if my eToro Money card is swallowed by an ATM? How do I order a replacement eToro Money card? How much will I be charged when using my eToro Money card abroad? How do I make a complaint about eToro Money? Who do I contact if I have any questions about eToro Money? My eToro Money card didn't work in an ATM. What happened?