Popular Investors Team @popularinvestors
Dear Popular Investors, You are probably aware of the new European Securities and Market Authorities (ESMA) restrictions that come into effect on August 1st. This update is for your information, no action is required on your behalf. We wanted to let you know how the changes affect you, as a valued member of our Popular Investor community. One of the biggest changes was new maximum leverage levels for retail clients who have not been accepted as an elective professional trader. These leverage changes will not affect positions opened before August 1st. Any positions opened before that date will not be changed, and any new copier you receive will still be copying these open positions. When opening new trades from this date, the eToro platform will present leverage options within the new ESMA requirements for retail clients. Please note the following leverage restrictions for elective professional Popular Investors and retail Popular Investors: ***Popular Investor Leverage Restrictions For Elective Professionals*** Currencies 50 Commodities 25 Indices 25 Stocks & ETF’s 2 Cryptocurrencies 1 ***Popular Investor Leverage Restrictions For Retail Clients*** Currencies (major currency pairs) 30 Commodities (non-major currency pairs gold & major indices) 20 Commodities (except gold & non-major equity indices) 10 Stocks & ETF’s 2 Cryptocurrencies 1 Feel free to contact us with any questions: popularinvestor@etoro.com ... 显示更多